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Stone Guardians: Crumbled

Bakadono, Oct 11, 12 9:48 PM.
We have begun our progress in Mists of Pandaria. Mogu'shan vaults offers a more entertaining start with content as the Stone Guardians have more then a few mechanics to enjoy and get mesmerized by. A lot of bright colours and flashing lights later a job done.  Congratulations guys. 

Mists of Pandaria!

Bakadono, Sep 26, 12 5:52 AM.
Mists is here. We will be taking 2 weeks to prepare. This should give ample time to get to level 90 and gather some gear. September 10th will be the first raid, in Mogu'shan Vaults. Be ready, Nephilim will be hitting Mists with a bang!

Warmaster: Dishonorably Discharged!

Bakadono, Sep 17, 12 5:11 AM.
Further into Dragonsoul we ventured. The Warmaster Blackhorn offered a not so fair fight, storming us with Drakes, legions of his followers and the completely rancid breath of his Drake Goriaona. Deathwings' final general had some help. However no challenge is big enough to stop us, and After the Dust settled only one outcome was certain.

Hagara: Stormbinder Unbound!

Bakadono, Sep 14, 12 8:33 PM.
I apologize for the lateness of this post. The Thursday just passed we continued our heroic progression in Dragonsoul. Hagara; one of the greater tests offered by Deathwing offered us some new stuff to worry about. As with all new bosses, we easily overcame. The Stormbinder could not summon the weather fierce enough to break Nephilim. 

Ultraxion Stabalized!

Bakadono, Sep 6, 12 8:33 PM.
Another good day in Dragonsoul heroic. We returned to give the newest twilight dragon a challenge and came away with a new kill. Ultraxion heroic has fallen before the epic nature that is Nephilim. 

More over, we decided to have some fun driving Deathwing to the brink of madness. Fun comes in many forms. Just ask the Dragon. 
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